Ask your doctor about Methenamine Mandelate

The urinary antibacterial agent Methenamine Mandelate Tablets, USP, are available as easy-to-swallow film-coated tablets in two convenient dosage strengths:

  • 500mg tablets
  • 1,000mg tablets

Methenamine Mandelate Tablets, USP, are indicated for the suppressive or prophylactic treatment of chronic urinary tract infections. Methenamine Mandelate Tablets, USP, are particularly suitable for long-term usage because patients will not develop resistance to the nonspecific bactericidal action of formaldehyde, the bactericidal agent that results when the methenamine component is excreted by the kidney and concentrated in acid urine. Methenamine Mandelate Tablets, USP, are contraindicated in patients with renal insufficiency and should not be prescribed for patients taking sulfonamides. Some patients may experience minor adverse reactions such as upset stomach or skin rash. PLEASE REFER TO THE FULL PRESCRIBING INFORMATION IN THE PRODUCT INSERT.

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